The Egg and Dart Gallery finds inspiration and provocation in being a gallery outside of the large cities that, historically, have been perceived as the most important centres of art. The gallery is located in Thirroul, on the coast between Sydney and Wollongong. The area has a distinct history that inflects the practices of artists that work in the area, but has also, historically, looked to the north for cultural sustenance. The Gallery’s recent presentations at Sydney Contemporary 2019 and Auckland 2019 are proof as this gallery finds its footing in a broad milieu.

The global pattern of “centre” and “periphery” is being challenged by galleries that lie outside the urban centres. In our increasingly mobile and mediated world, location and potential reach is much more expansive. Contrary to the idea that artists must always (physically and/or conceptually) move towards the “centre”, the Egg and Dart Gallery initiates projects that engage regionally and internationally – Auckland Art Fair 2019 being an example. The Egg and Dart Gallery is a focal point as well as a site of origin and a place of exchange for art and ideas. The Gallery conceptualises distance, modes of communication and the creative potential of aesthetic translation.

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The Egg & Dart's services include:

  • Custom and Conservation Framing

  • Gallery & Art Consultation

  • Restoration

  • Art Delivery and Courier Services

  • Art Installation and Hanging Services and Products

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H Wed-Fri: 10.00am-5.00pm  Sat-Sun: 10.00am-2.00pm  Tue: By appointment

Parking is available behind our building. Access the carpark via the driveway next door.

The Egg & Dart would like to thank Young Henrys for their continued support of the gallery.