Sofi Lardner Häggström


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Invention VII 40x57 cm.jpg

Sofi Lardner Häggström, is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. Her work investigates time, history and the unknown. Häggström’s work is inspired by old photographs, stories and places of specific historic events, delving into the supernatural and paranormal.

In recent years Lardner Häggström has been fascinated by Spiritualism and the leading female figures of this movement: ”Women from different layers of society saw an opportunity through spiritualism to find a place where they could be more free. In seances they acted as mediums and could earn their own money and people listened to what they had to say. They managed to push the boundaries of what was considered feminine behaviour and took up topics that were taboo. Sex, drugs and race were discussed and many social issues. Many of the women were also linked to the new burgeoning women's movement.”

This exploration of the supernatural as a platform for women’s freedom and autonomy is the cornerstone of Häggström’s most current work. The works in this series float between the abstract and the figurative. Invention depicts odd spiritual and hypnotic machines, using traces and remnants of the past to create new images and stories.

Häggström has recently shown in the exhibition Painting Failures at the Moderna Museet in Malmö, Skanör Skåne/Stockholm I at WadströmTönnheim Gallery in Skanör, and Hot Plug Cold Plug at SPGallery, Stockholm, as well as being part of the Egg and Dart on Excursion at Casula Powerhouse Art Centre. She has received several awards, including the Swedish Artist RAC for working grant and Helge Jonson Axson travel grant. In 2008 she earned her MFA from the Art School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg and now lives and works in Stockholm.