Henry Jock Walker is against oil drilling in the Bight - and so are we!

Henry Jock Walker are encouraging everybody in the 🌎to get onboard MAKING WAVES AGAINST BIG OIL AND DRILLING IN THE BIGHT!

“ This is a very special place, with an incredibly pristine coast line. I have been lucky through art and surfing to see lots of Australia and some very rad places around the world, the Bight stands out to me beyond anywhere, the waves, the surfing, the fishing, the people, the landscape.

The pulse of action last Sunday was incredible surfers and ocean loving community teaming nation wide. Let's not have a risky deep water drilling experiment happen in some of the rawest ocean, risking a large very rad part of the world and many of our livelihoods for what... expanding the fossil fuel industry and $$$$$$ that only our federal government will see'“

Henry Jock Walker, March 2019

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