Congratulations India Mark!

We are very pleased to announce that India Mark has been selected as a finalist in the Archibald Prize 2018, with her painting Candy.

"Sarah M. is a film student and sex worker.

 I came across Sarah on Instagram, a platform she uses prolifically to advocate for sex worker rights. Breaking down stigmas, prejudices, attitudes and behaviour that threaten the health, safety and professionalism of those within the industry, her online profile endows an invaluable human standpoint amidst objectification and victimisation that today remains socially prevalent.

My painting aims to realise Sarah’s knowledge and confidence. I built up the surface and space of the portrait in a way that amplifies the impact of the painted human figure. She is the kind of person who can instill change in cultural perspective and I wanted to honour that" -India Mark

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 12.25.28 PM.png

Candy, 2018, oil on panel, 42 x 36.5 cm

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