The Egg & Dart heads to Tasmania

The Egg & Dart and Sawtooth ARI in association with Ten Days on the Island Festival in Tasmania:

Sixteen artists question the value we invest in places, spaces and objects from everyday life. Sentiment is a co-curated exhibition that explores notions of sentimentality that exists in the realms of imagination and personal experience. Artists were invited to shape and express their thoughts on the things that create emotional connection and disconnection. Using a variety of media, the works move between light and dark, fact and fiction, interest and disengagement. 

Concerned with ideas of creative and cultural exchange, Aaron Fell-Fracasso of Egg & Dart (NSW), and Patrick Sutczak of Sawtooth ARI (TAS) have produced a contemplative exhibition that crosses cultures to inspire thoughts of presence and departure, memory and experience, change and loss, love and longing.

CURATORS: Patrick Sutczak and Aaron Fell-Fracasso

Artists invited by Egg & Dart: Gabrielle Adamik, Lee Bethel, Leah Bullen, Marc Etherington, India Mark, Frank Nowlan, Sofi Lardner Häggström and Henry Jock Walker.

Opening: Thursday 16th March, Sawtooth ARI, 2/160 Cimitiere St, Launceston TAS 7250

Phone: (03) 6331 2777

Sentiment is part of the Ten Days on the Island project in Tasmania running in multiple venues from March 16 to 26.