Michelle Cawthorn | Playpen

Friday 2nd September is the opening night for Michelle Cawthorn's first solo exhibition here at The Egg & Dart.

Cawthorn exhibition will feature drawings on paper and soft sculpture.

Employing drawing as her primary expressive form, Cawthorn’s works on paper are concerned with allowing memory to free-associate through the meditative process of hatching. As a drawn forms evolves and takes shape on the page, associations begin to develop. These associations draw on the vast store of images and experiences that are unique to each of us and which we accumulate over a lifetime.  Like her drawings, Cawthorn’s sculptures obliquely reference past experiences, however their materiality demands a more sensorial response. Using fabrics and ply wood, and often taking their cue from playthings and spaces, they beg to be touched, felt, explored.

Playpen, 2nd - 30th September.