Congratulations Nick Santoro!

Nick Santoro is a finalist in Salon des Refusés 2018 with his work "Excuse me...just letting you know that backpacks have to be worn on the front or carried in a hand (or cloaked at front of house)". Well done Nick!

Go and see this exhibition at S. H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney until 29th July 2018.  Photo by Document Photography.

To see more of Nick's work go here

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Congratulations Lee Bethel!

Lee Bethel is a finalist in the Ravenswood Art Prize 2018 with her work Labyrinth. Congratulations Lee!

This exhibition opens Saturday 16th June - 24th June 2018 and is held at Ravenswood School for Girls, 20 Henry St, Gordon.

See more of Lee's work here


Congratulations India Mark!

We are very pleased to announce that India Mark has been selected as a finalist in the Archibald Prize 2018, with her painting Candy.

"Sarah M. is a film student and sex worker.

 I came across Sarah on Instagram, a platform she uses prolifically to advocate for sex worker rights. Breaking down stigmas, prejudices, attitudes and behaviour that threaten the health, safety and professionalism of those within the industry, her online profile endows an invaluable human standpoint amidst objectification and victimisation that today remains socially prevalent.

My painting aims to realise Sarah’s knowledge and confidence. I built up the surface and space of the portrait in a way that amplifies the impact of the painted human figure. She is the kind of person who can instill change in cultural perspective and I wanted to honour that" -India Mark

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 12.25.28 PM.png

Candy, 2018, oil on panel, 42 x 36.5 cm

Email enquires about new available artworks by India Mark here


Lee Bethel | Flourish

For Lee Bethel, elegant constraints are the foundation of her workings, manipulating the fold, the grid and the seed. In her hands, the paper fold reveals its capacity for resilience and malleability. It is both a tangible folding of paper and a metaphorical folding of time and memory. The works suggest states of being that are "open-ended ... non-exclusive and unlimited, exterior and infinite." The inside is nothing more than a fold of the outside where the interior becomes exterior. 

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Congratulations Lee Bethel!

Our very own Lee Bethel is a finalist in this years Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award. Lee is already had a busy year being a finalist in both North Sydney Art Prize and the Paramore Prize. She has also been awarded a residency at the excellent Footscray Community Art Centre in Melbourne mid year.

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The Egg & Dart heads to Tasmania

Sixteen artists question the value we invest in places, spaces and objects from everyday life. Sentiment is a co-curated exhibition that explores notions of sentimentality that exists in the realms of imagination and personal experience. Artists were invited to shape and express their thoughts on the things that create emotional connection and disconnection. Using a variety of media, the works move between light and dark, fact and fiction, interest and disengagement.

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The Egg & Dart Xmas Show 2016

For the fourth year in a row The Egg & Dart Xmas Show yet again drew a queue of anticipating visitors at opening night. With 30 artists and 200 works, the familiar theme of 12 x 12 cm artworks in all kinds of different media are dressing the walls from floor to ceiling. We are also super excited to have artist Rosie Deacon's Fun Foam Koalas added to the mix this year. Last day of the exhibition is 24th December.

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Elin Matilda Andersson | Second Skin

It was such a fun experience to have an resident artist here so we're doing again!This time around we invited illustrator and artist Elin Matilda Andersson to the Egg & Dart. From 11th - 23rd October, Elin will be residing in the gallery and developing her project day by day. Illustrating directly on the walls, this project is about self expression and the power symbols we use to express ourselves, the issues of objectification in a wider social and cultural context. 

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