The Egg & Dart Xmas Show 2018

We’re excited to present the sixth edition of The E&D Xmas Show! Remember there is no pre-sales or pre-views (except a few sneaky Insta posts)!
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Line up at 6pm, Friday the 7th December to get your hands on the best chrissy gift you can get - ART!!!

All eyes on India Mark!

We’re excited to be exhibiting right now at Sydney Contemporary 2018 with artists Gabrielle Adamik and India Mark. Come and visit us at booth C05. We are there until Sunday 17 September.

We are also very proud of India Mark who has been named ‘Five artists to watch’ by Barry Keldoulis, director of Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. Read article in Financial Review here.

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Lee Bethel | Flourish

For Lee Bethel, elegant constraints are the foundation of her workings, manipulating the fold, the grid and the seed. In her hands, the paper fold reveals its capacity for resilience and malleability. It is both a tangible folding of paper and a metaphorical folding of time and memory. The works suggest states of being that are "open-ended ... non-exclusive and unlimited, exterior and infinite." The inside is nothing more than a fold of the outside where the interior becomes exterior. 

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