Rob Howe | Loveland

Rob Howe honours the qualities of a scene, exploring that which may be unnoticed. His works are evocative rather than realistic, energised by a complex play of light and colour, the tilt of a tree or telegraph pole, the smudge of a horizontal shadow. People inhabit these spaces, tenderly portrayed in brush, the edges of their form enveloped by the light‑filled settings. His portraits communicate an impression where the space between the viewer and the subject is set at a neighbourly distance. The essence is captured, the superfluous edited out –what painter Fairfield Porter might describe as "a respect for things as they are".  Howe approaches realism with an abstract brush. His exterior portraits are awash in Australian sunlight, almost squinting to bring you into focus. We have our space and they have theirs.

Artworks are available for viewing and purchasing online now and will be in the gallery from Thursday 15th February.

Opening Night Friday 16th February, 6-8pm.

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Lee Bethel | Flourish

For Lee Bethel, elegant constraints are the foundation of her workings, manipulating the fold, the grid and the seed. In her hands, the paper fold reveals its capacity for resilience and malleability. It is both a tangible folding of paper and a metaphorical folding of time and memory. The works suggest states of being that are "open-ended ... non-exclusive and unlimited, exterior and infinite." The inside is nothing more than a fold of the outside where the interior becomes exterior. 

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The Egg & Dart Family and Friends Exhibition

Drawing from the wealth of art talent within the local area and in The Egg & Dart's community, this exhibition brings together a selection of The Egg & Dart's stable of artists and a few of the gallery's friends. We're very pleased to welcome artists, Lynda Draper, Julia Flanagan and Paul Ryan to join The Egg & Dart's, Rob Howe, Frank Nowlan, India Mark, Nick Santoro and Chris Zanko. 

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Congratulations Lee Bethel!

Our very own Lee Bethel is a finalist in this years Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award. Lee is already had a busy year being a finalist in both North Sydney Art Prize and the Paramore Prize. She has also been awarded a residency at the excellent Footscray Community Art Centre in Melbourne mid year.

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The Egg & Dart heads to Tasmania

Sixteen artists question the value we invest in places, spaces and objects from everyday life. Sentiment is a co-curated exhibition that explores notions of sentimentality that exists in the realms of imagination and personal experience. Artists were invited to shape and express their thoughts on the things that create emotional connection and disconnection. Using a variety of media, the works move between light and dark, fact and fiction, interest and disengagement.

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