The Egg & Dart Family and Friends Exhibition

Drawing from the wealth of art talent within the local area and in The Egg & Dart's community, this exhibition brings together a selection of The Egg & Dart's stable of artists and a few of the gallery's friends. We're very pleased to welcome artists, Lynda Draper, Julia Flanagan and Paul Ryan to join The Egg & Dart's, Rob Howe, Frank Nowlan, India Mark, Nick Santoro and Chris Zanko. 

21st July - 5th August 2017

Opening night 6-8pm, Friday 21st July.


Congratulations Lee Bethel!

Our very own Lee Bethel is a finalist in this years Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award. Lee is already had a busy year being a finalist in both North Sydney Art Prize and the Paramore Prize. She has also been awarded a residency at the excellent Footscray Community Art Centre in Melbourne mid year.  

The award winners of Hazelhurst Award on Paper will be announced at the exhibition launch on Friday 19 May at 6pm. The exhibition continues until Sunday 16 July 2017.  


The Egg & Dart heads to Tasmania

The Egg & Dart and Sawtooth ARI in association with Ten Days on the Island Festival in Tasmania:

Sixteen artists question the value we invest in places, spaces and objects from everyday life. Sentiment is a co-curated exhibition that explores notions of sentimentality that exists in the realms of imagination and personal experience. Artists were invited to shape and express their thoughts on the things that create emotional connection and disconnection. Using a variety of media, the works move between light and dark, fact and fiction, interest and disengagement. 

Concerned with ideas of creative and cultural exchange, Aaron Fell-Fracasso of Egg & Dart (NSW), and Patrick Sutczak of Sawtooth ARI (TAS) have produced a contemplative exhibition that crosses cultures to inspire thoughts of presence and departure, memory and experience, change and loss, love and longing.

CURATORS: Patrick Sutczak and Aaron Fell-Fracasso

Artists invited by Egg & Dart: Gabrielle Adamik, Lee Bethel, Leah Bullen, Marc Etherington, India Mark, Frank Nowlan, Sofi Lardner Häggström and Henry Jock Walker.

Opening: Thursday 16th March, Sawtooth ARI,  2/160 Cimitiere St, Launceston TAS 7250

Phone: (03) 6331 2777

Sentiment is part of the Ten Days on the Island project in Tasmania running in multiple venues from March 16 to 26.

The Egg & Dart Xmas Show 2016

For the fourth year in a row The Egg & Dart Xmas Show yet again drew a queue of anticipating visitors at opening night. With 30 artists and 200 works, the familiar theme of 12 x 12 cm artworks in all kinds of different media are dressing the walls from floor to ceiling. We are also super excited to have artist Rosie Deacon's Fun Foam Koalas added to the mix this year. Last day of the exhibition is 24th December.

This years lineup includes:

Gabrielle Adamik, Elin Matilda Andersson, Lee Bethel, Matthew Bromhead, Leah Bullen, Amy Cuneo, Rosie Deacon, Marc Etherington, Aaron Fell-Fracasso, Emma Finneran, Julia Flanagan, Ashley Frost, Mark Hetherington, Rob Howe, Eva Kerek (SWE), Tristan Kerr, Nicole Kelly, Sofi Lardner Häggström (SWE), India Mark, Jessica Maurer, Frank Nowlan, Hal Pratt, Marlon Roche, Paul Ryan, Nick Santoro, Virginia Settre, Clare Thackway, Henry Jock Walker, Leonie Watson and Chris Zanko

Second Skin - Elin Matilda Andersson

It was such a fun experience to have an resident artist here so we're doing again!

This time around we invited illustrator and artist Elin Matilda Andersson to the Egg & Dart. From 11th - 23rd October, Elin will be residing in the gallery and developing her project day by day. Illustrating directly on the walls, this project is about self expression and the power symbols we use to express ourselves, the issues of objectification in a wider social and cultural context. 

Elin is also inviting visitors to come and share their experiences and the visual outcome will be based on descriptions and impressions from these interviews. The recorded interviews will form a podcast episode on the subject, which will be accessed online at the end of the exhibition.

For more information about the work of Elin Matilda Andersson have a look and a listen here:



Nick Santoro finalist in Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Award 2016

Congratulations Nick Santoro! Nick's a finalist in this years Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Award.

Now in it's 15th year, The Kudos Award seeks to recognise, nurture and support innovation and excellence across all disciplines at UNSW Art & Design. This award aims to promote excellence in visual art and design at UNSW, to encourage experimentation and development of process, material and concept.

And check out the frame, a nice collab work between Nick and framer Aaron.


Playpen - Michelle Cawthorn

Friday 2nd September is the opening night for Michelle Cawthorn's first solo exhibition here at The Egg & Dart.

Cawthorn exhibition will feature drawings on paper and soft sculpture.

Employing drawing as her primary expressive form, Cawthorn’s works on paper are concerned with allowing memory to free-associate through the meditative process of hatching. As a drawn forms evolves and takes shape on the page, associations begin to develop. These associations draw on the vast store of images and experiences that are unique to each of us and which we accumulate over a lifetime.  Like her drawings, Cawthorn’s sculptures obliquely reference past experiences, however their materiality demands a more sensorial response. Using fabrics and ply wood, and often taking their cue from playthings and spaces, they beg to be touched, felt, explored.

Playpen, 2nd - 30th September.

Outback and Out Back - Rehang

As many of you know, we had some misfortune in the storm that happened in June which took our roof of and rain damaged the gallery. We were closed for over 2 months and the exhibition Outback and Out Back by Rob Howe and Hal Pratt unfortunately hung just under two weeks. 

So, we have installed this beautiful exhibition again for another weeks run. Come and check it out and join us for artist talks and a closing on Saturday 27th September between 11-3pm.

The exhibition is on until Tuesday 30th September.


The Scrambled Egg & Dart Experiment

Thank you Henry Jock Walker for coming to Thirroul and The Egg & Dart!

Our first ever residency period has come to an end. It was such a great and fun time for everyone involved. Walker really gave it all and invited the people of the area to join in the projects. There was epic surf painting moments and mural painting both at Finbox on Lawrence Hargrave Drive and outside PRS Partners on Raymond Road. Colourful scrambled eggs served at various locations, van painting and of course Walker working away in the "Jock's Box" at the gallery. 

Big thank you to everyone involved, especially:

Aaron Fell-Fracasso, Matt Loft, James Kates, Nick Santoro, Chris Zanko, Gregory Hodge, Clare Thackway, Chris Frape, India Mark, Stefan Rusbourne, Stu Nettle (and sons), Adam Rogan, Mark Draper, Chris Kelly, PRS Partners, Abbie Howlett and of course the man himself; Henry Jock Walker.