Frank Nowlan


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Frank Nowlan’s paintings reveal jarring elements in a contested public realm and a political engagement with his subjects. For some time his works have documented change and destruction as local cottages are replaced by grander examples of coastal architecture. Working in series, Nowlan locates patterns within these residential expressions. Rendering mundane observations with colloquial humour, Nowlan approaches the humble home as a trove of personality. ‘These are mostly specific places in the Wollongong area; none are McMansions but are ordinary places that are treasured by the owners’, reflects the artist. Each building has a distinct personality, manifested in the nuances of their facades.

Nowlan is a past winner of the Fishers Ghost Contemporary Art Award. His work is held in significant private collections as well as the Wollongong University Collection and the Wollongong City Gallery. His work was shown in Australasian Painters 2007 –2017, an Artist Profile magazine survey show at Orange Regional Gallery, placing his work within a comprehensive overview of contemporary painting in Australasia.