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Nick Santoro | 3MOT1ON1


Nick Santoro is in assemblage mode in these paintings, where events, people, found images and vernacular architecture are pulled into his world.  It is a way of reining in the transitory and the social. He brings together an uneasy alliance of characters to filter and process an accretion of imagery and happening. There are strange illusions of depth perception, where a couple of Gucci art stars with octopus arms and tiny hands reach for martinis on a precariously positioned trolley. A red balloon hovers in an unknowable space behind them. Deeper still lies the cosmos through an arched window. There are also the gaps between people and things awkwardly cohabiting: Vogue editor Anna Wintour and an old Quake4 gaming poster; the moon emoji grinning in proximity to two moustachioed men in argyle sweaters.

3MOT1ON1 explores a more progressive fragmentation of the relationship between painting and frame. This breakdown is further achieved through work appearing on the back of clothing and with sculptures like Kerry personifying the paintings.  This is Nick Santoro’s second solo exhibition at The Egg & Dart.

-Melody Willis



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