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Aaron Fell-Fracasso | Methods

Aaron Fell-Fracasso, whose paintings have reached wall-scale monumentality, operates with a mix of deliberation and chance. In the show Methods, he has loaded colour along studio-made implements, dragging across the painting to build a language of marks. An idiosyncratic shape might repeat and be referenced at a different scale elsewhere. Fell-Fracasso’s earlier collage strategies are employed here but with more performative risk as they are enacted directly onto the painting.  Methods presents a battle between completion and the open possibilities of non-objective painting. There is a vitality here suggestive of painting as an endless project. Each work renders a collection of moves momentarily paused that might then turn, fold and enmesh again into the painting field. It’s this uncertainty and dynamism that keeps the work rich and open-ended.

-Melody Willis

Opening night Friday 8th June, 6-8pm.