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Managing Expectations

We are proud to introduce a group exhibition with Matthew Bromhead (Sydney), Mignon Steele and Egg & Dart's very own Aaron Fell-Fracasso.

Managing Expectations

Matthew Bromhead's kinetic sculptures are a dimensional collage that bring together selective materials in a synthesis of gravity and texture. Through balance and compromise, the absurdist actions of his sculptures align with the wry title of this group show. They are responsive to touch, breeze and gesture. With their kinetic actions they suggest art as verb: bounce, sway, wobble or swing. The works might also be seen as drawings in space: copper and filament wire forming gestures and describing the outlines of negative shapes. Matthew Bromhead has had solo exhibitions at the Ray Hughes Gallery and Rex Livingston in Sydney, and most recently at the Bathurst Regional Gallery. He has been a recipient of an Australia Council ArtStart grant. His work has been enriched by residencies at Hill End, the Bundanon Trust and Fowlers Gap in Western New South Wales.

Aaron Fell-Fracasso’s paintings use vibrant colour and layered patterning to play with atmospheric distance and the monumental. Recent work sees a shift from landscape view to a topographic and mapped response to landform. The overlap and connection between shapes creates energised fields of patterned space.  The action extends onto the frame, enclosing an immersive and vibrational colour world. Fell-Fracasso is part of The Egg & Dart stable and has shown at The Drawing Room and Stella Downer Gallery in Sydney. More recently he was part of The Egg & Dart on Excursion exhibition at Casula Powerhouse. His work is held in private collections and with the University of Wollongong.

Mignon Steele's titles offer sneaky insights into her work but it is the language of painting that is operating here. Each piece sets its own poetic parameters and requires its own gestures to resolve. Her descriptions reach for associations in the biological world. In her own words these might be named "cellular patterns". The works take time and are a process of growth, the accretion of layers and the shedding of unsatisfactory elements. The joy here is in how she engages with these natural processes, scraping back and reapplying paint on an evolving colour space, using time to generate a biology of paint and surface. Mignon Steele has had recent exhibitions in Sydney and Darwin and previous solo exhibition at The Egg & Dart. A residency at The Lock Up in Newcastle in 2016 culminated in an exhibition of work. Her ongoing collaborative practice with Morgen Figgis as the duo Barnacle Studio sees her expand into mural painting, architectural colour and set design.

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