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Leonie Watson | Balance

Leonie Watson’s desire to categorise and contain is as strong as her belief in the virtues of productive disorder. These contrary tendencies are brought into a tentative balance in her work, pictured as relationships between different materiality’s and incongruous visual elements.

The works in BALANCE employ watercolour, pencil and thread. Watercolour is poured onto paper; it pools and dries in unpredictable ways. The results are amorphous forms suggestive of stains, organic growths or landscapes. To these forms, Watson brings an analytic eye, employing coloured pencil lines and clusters of stitches to hold and measure, but not quite contain them. Stains permeate the paper, lines track the surface and thread pierces through. Watson likens this process to the way we are driven to measure and categorise our thoughts and feelings, as we attempt to understand, contain and control them.

Opening night is Friday 28th October, 6-8pm.

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